Silen Solar is the most ecological solution for the swimming pool and has the lowest environmental impact.

Silen solar consists of three-phase pump and frequency drive Helios P.

System with solar panel power optimisation thanks to frequency variation (MPPT).

Compact solution and easy intallation and start-up. 

Equipped with dry work protection, anti-return diodes to protect the solar panels (hybrid system). Accessories included in hybrid models

Opcional thermal drift compensation (loss of solar panel power due to incrased ambient temperature). 

The variable speed drive is configured with the maximum power for lower powers the intensity parameter must be changed. 

Silen Solar is the solution that takes advantage of the sun's energy to power the pool's filtration equipment, thus obtaining the maximum return on the installation and eliminating (or reducing) consumption stemming from the grid or other fossil fuels.

The swimming pool of the future

It is available in two configuration according to the needs of each installation

Silen Solar

Silen solar is an isolated system, which only uses the sun's energy (1), adapting the filtering speed according to the solar radiation.



Silen Solar H

An hybrid system is suitable for installations where the energy obtained from the sun (1) is not sufficient, as it supplies the filtration equipment with energy from the grid or another energy source (2), so that it always operates with a 100% output.


Silen Solar
Silen Solar
Silen Solar H
Silen Solar H
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