Basic tips to winterize your pool

A good wintering of the pool is the most sustainable option, since it provides us with a sustainable use of water. When we say goodbye to summer we cannot forget the pool. We have to give it a few pampering so that when the new bathing season arrives, we will find the pool perfect, without wasting a liter of water.

Follow the following steps for a perfect wintering of your pool:

- Thoroughly clean your pool. If you have an automatic robot, use it!  We also recommend you to periodically clean the skimmer baskets.

- Adjusts the pH of the pool water between 7.0 and 7.4, and performs shock chlorination with the pump working.

- After at least 6 hours, and with the filter operating to ensure a homogeneous distribution of the product, add the winterizer product.

- Take the automatic pool cleaner out of the pool. Keeping it submerged could shorten its life.

- We recommend covering the pool to avoid the accumulation of leaves and insects.

- After about 4 months you will have to repeat the application of the winterizer.


Once you have done these simple steps, you will only have to perform minor maintenance every month:

- Collect leaves or other elements that have fallen into the pool.

- Start the filter for a few hours and turn on the robotic cleaner.

Remember that SILEN PLUS pumps thanks to their speed variator, will allow you to work at less power and, therefore, reduce energy consumption. Program them comfortably through the Evopool app. If you follow these easy tips, when summer arrives you will enjoy a clean and crystal clear pool. Being responsible for the environment will have saved you both work and money.

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