ESPA is a company specialized in the design, production, distribution and innovation of pumps, systems and water management equipment for the domestic and residential sector

Since 1962, ESPA is recognized internationally for constant innovation, service, product quality and proximity to the customer.

For us, the continuous improvement of domestic water pumping solutions is a fundamental value. For this reason, we have a value chain based on our human capital, corporate social responsibility and customer satisfaction, as well as a strategic definition based on product development and innovation and the constant incorporation of new series to respond to the challenges and present and future needs.

At ESPA, innovation and research is essential to achieve the level of excellence imposed by the market, and to offer innovative products that meet the needs of today's customers that demand technological equipment, efficient and that guarantee a sustainable treatment of energy resources. 





Essence. We have our own essence and identity. We deeply appreciate our history and potential.

Service. We are committed to being close to our clients and partners.

People. We value the work and constant effort of our main asset, people.

Espa listens to you. Our commitment is to adapt ourselves to the new market trends.

Moments. We provide emotions and well-being.


Our history

Espa, from its origins, is an entrepreneurial project characterized by innovation and the search for pumping solutions for the real problems of its surroundings.


The origins

A group of entrepreneurs led by Josep Pagès, Joaquim Daranas and Lluís and Joan Fontfreda founded the company “Talleres ESPA”, which 5 years later would be renamed Bombas Eléctricas SA. The company was established in the small town of Banyoles, in north-eastern Spain, which has always been known as a highly diversified industrial area.


First steps, first achievements

The company's local origins always had a more global vision. The creation of a product portfolio that met many pumping needs gradually shaped research and development work on the Spanish market while consolidating an industrial structure.


The origins of an industrial commitment

The workshop moved out of the town centre and into a modern production plant in an industrial area on the outskirts of Banyoles.


International vocation

The first steps in international growth were taken as Spain was opening to the world, with the creation of the first subsidiary in France. 1978. Investing in the future. This year, the second foreign subsidiary, in Portugal, consolidated the investment


Investing in the future.

This year, the second foreign subsidiary, in Portugal, consolidated our commitment to internationalisation. In line with its growth in European markets, ESPA developed the first multi-stage centrifugal pumps, drawing a line that clearly stated its position among European producers.



Constant support for the distribution channel helps consolidate the structure with the Madrid office in Spain, to be followed by another 9 offices which provide the market with full service capacity. At the same time, ESPA entered the water circulation market with the legendary Flipper pumps, a landmark in home and residential swimming-pool filtration.


Instant on-hand service

The creation of an infrastructure for managing after-sales service in Spain supplies the company with essential knowledge: The need to be close to the market and to offer demand-based solutions. The production of the Tiper pump range led to the new OEM channel and allowed the company to continue growing abroad with a new affiliate in the United Kingdom.

A decisive year

With the creation of ESPA Group, the company is served by a centralised administrative and financial management centre, as well as professional management. The vision of a consolidated industrial group led to the creation of a supplier portfolio that supports the growing demand of the parent company.

R&D&I paves the way

The consolidation of an R&D and innovation department allowed major steps to be taken toward adapting the product to international markets and channelled the need to launch products-in-market in quick time. This has enabled the company to compete in Central European markets, which led to opening an affiliate in Germany.

Quality guarantee

ESPA consolidated its quality policy with ISO 9001 certification, and expanded with agreed, centralised supplier management. Development of niche markets enhanced by the work of the subsidiaries, as in the case of Germany with the rainwater market or the hydromassage sector in Europe.


Investment in Asian markets

Rapid growth in Asian markets has led to opening an affiliate in China to consolidate expansion towards target markets with major growth potential and in market segments where ESPA has the greatest presence: household and residential.


Introduction to the Southern Cone

The opening of Latin American markets is a priority area for growth for a portfolio that is constantly expanding with new products. An affiliate was opened in Chile in 2000, with another in Argentina the following year. This created the need to launch specific programmes to target international customers, and also coincided with the introduction of plans for continuous improvement.

New opportunities

The opening of a subsidiary in Italy helped consolidate the presence of ESPA in the main European markets. ESPA brought award-winning innovations to the residential rainwater recovery sector, allowing the German subsidiary to specialise.

Production expansion

With the purchase of the Pompes Guinard factory in France, the Pompes Guinard Loisirs and Pompes Guinard Bâtiment brands started to be used in the local French market, boosting the presence of ESPA with specialised, direct distribution.


A new brand specialising in home and collective pool filtration was launched, with an innovative equipment range; the Libra and Aries filters are notable for their excellent strength and production according to the American NSF 50 standard. The launch of the Tekbox unit was a true revolution in the technical box concept thanks to its unique, compact, multifunctional design.

The evolution of household pressurisation

The success of household pressurisation solutions with the Prisma and Aspri series allowed their production to evolve with the launch of Tecnopres, an innovative product that integrates constant pressure control in the actual motor.

Range diversification

A new affiliate was founded in Brazil, a large economy moving up in the world rankings with major potential for ESPA solutions. The launch of the Drainex range extension to 4 kW allowed ESPA to offer an innovative professional solution for wastewater drainage in residential and commercial applications.

Baggage to innovate

The 30th National Sales Convention was held in Spain, a landmark event to match the publication of the 28th edition of the Technical Guide. A distribution affiliate was created at the same time in Russia, allowing ESPA to increase its presence in Eastern Europe. This year the new Tecnoplus series was launched onto the market, with a built-in variable speed system adapted to the pressurisation needs of the household sector. The product portfolio grew substantially with the new XVM vertical multistage centrifugal pump series and the FN and XN standardised series.

New growth strategies

Subsidiaries were established in Turkey and India - Middle East. This growth strategy came as a result of the geo-economic changes that took place in the preceding years, to which ESPA replied with product innovations to ensure its presence with a global vision. The ESPA Speedrive variable frequency drive embodies the evolution of a household and residential product thanks to its comfort, reliability, smart operation, easy maintenance and handling, backing the strategic investment in pumping systems and equipment.

The new challenges of a global world

ESPA has adapted to the new needs of the global market by founding ESPA 2025, S.L., the new name of the ESPA parent company. This strengthens the brand value and prepares the company for a future full of challenges and opportunities. This year also saw consolidation of the programmes of the ESPA Chair (University of Girona), which promotes entrepreneurial spirit and open knowledge in the field of water technology.

ESPA Efficient Engineering

ESPA Efficient Engineering sums up the spirit of innovation. It focuses on studying & applying the most suitable technologies, plus the concept of efficient equipment for the pumping and engineering sector


ESPA launches the new EVOPOOL® technology, a great advance in efficiency and sustainability that is integrated into every range, providing efficiency, performance and respect for the environment.



Silen Plus includes an ESPA pool pump and a frequency inverter with a major innovation in its operation to adapt it for usage in pools: the speed variation during the working cycles. The result, the top-of-the-line model and the full embodiment of EVOPOOL® technology with a series of unique benefits.


New variable frequency drives Speedrive V2

ESPA launches the new frequency drives Speedrive V2, an advancement in speed controllers for pumping systems, improving important aspects like unctionality, with more user-friendly programming and more reliable systems.

Committed to energy efficiency

ESPA complies, one year before the date of application (in July 2021), with the third phase of regulation (CE) 640/2009 on the requirements of eco-design for electric motors. This means that all three-phase motors, 50 Hz, with a power of 0.75 to 1,000kw (according to the new regulation 2019/1781) comply with the IE3 efficiency level. It should also be noted that all ESPA product ranges are available with variable speed.

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