ESPA 2025, S.L. (hereinafter ESPA) is the owner of various trademarks with which it identifies its products in the market.

As part of the distribution agreements with its distributors, ESPA grants licences or authorisations to use its trademarks limited to the uses that are necessary for the promotion and marketing of the products.

In order to protect the brands, their validity and their reputation in the market, it is essential to establish unified criteria for use in the market that must be respected by the entire distribution network, aimed at respecting the corporate image pursued by ESPA and protecting the image of quality and trustworthiness of ESPA's products obtained over the years.

With this objective in mind, ESPA requires its distributors, who in turn undertake to forward these requirements to the wholesalers or retailers to whom they distribute ESPA products, to comply with the following at all times and during their commercial relations with ESPA, and when they market ESPA products.


    • The use of ESPA's trademarks is permitted both in their word and graphic forms (logos).
    • Partial uses of the trademarks, eliminating part of their elements, are not allowed.
    • Use of the trademark in close combination with third party trademarks in such a way as to create false expectations of business association for consumers is not allowed.
    • It must be indicated on at least part of the medium of use that the trademark in question is registered and belongs to ESPA 2025, S.L.
    • The use of the trademarks is permitted in:

                    - Physical and/or online points of sale

                    - Vehicles

                    - Commercial documentation

                    - Catalogues and other promotional media

                    - Other spaces where it may be commercially favourable and relevant as long as the image of the brand and its quality standard is respected.



The marketing of ESPA brand products must respect certain standards of quality and uniformity to ensure that the purchasing experience and the perception of the brands in the market by consumers allows the prestige of the brands to be maintained.

This includes requirements on the presentation of the product, requirements on the sales offer and the information provided about the product, on the care of the image of both physical and online establishments, and on the price range within which the products must be associated, all of which are linked to a high level of brand prestige.


Conditions on quality standards:

Price ranges

The economic offer of each product of ESPA's brands must respect a certain level of prestige and quality. Within that margin each distributor, wholesaler or retailer is free to set the desired price with a price range of +-10% or subject to the strategic promotion agreements per year.


Adequate information

Sales offers must indicate in an initial visible place the correct name and model of the product and an adequate summary of its basic technical characteristics as indicated in the data sheet. The information must be accompanied by quality product images. 


Minimum stock

As a measure to ensure that demand can be met in a satisfactory time for consumers, a minimum stock is required. Depending on the annual commercial agreement, 10% of the turnover must be in stock. 


Adequate updating of catalogue and sales offers

It is required that the physical catalogue and/or the list of products offered on online sales platforms are updated to the reality of the seller's available stock.

It is not permitted to publish offers for products that have not been in stock for the previous 2 months, in which case the offer publication must be withdrawn.


Conditions for pre-sales technical support services

The sales offer must include detailed and complete technical information about the products, indicating their intended use, measurements and installation instructions, which may be included in a secondary part. Information available from ESPA.


Technical support service conditions during the sale

During the formalisation of the sale, qualified technical personnel must be provided or offered to advise on the most suitable product for the consumer's needs and to ensure that the delivery and installation of the product is correct in those cases in which the products are not easily self-installed.


A sales invoice must be issued that identifies in detail the product marketed, means of sale or establishment, customer and delivery address (if applicable), and the serial number of the product or, failing this, ESPA's after-sales service protocol.

The invoice will serve to verify the origin of the product and its originality, as well as for the start of the calculation of the legal period of quality guarantee.



After-sales service and quality guarantee conditions. Returns and incidents. ESPA also offers this service.

Consumers must be offered an after-sales service to register, and eventually solve, any problem or incident that may arise during the use of the product.

It will be necessary to check the period of validity of the guarantee, if the problem has been caused by a fault that can be assumed by the company, proceed to implement the seller's return/exchange policy, or if it has been caused by misuse by the customer, who must then refuse to take charge of the damaged product.



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