Welcome to ESPA's ethical channel

At ESPA we are firmly committed to ethics, transparency and compliance with both internal and external regulations. We strive to maintain ethical standards in all our operations to ensure accountability and integrity, which is why we have implemented an Ethics Channel.

This channel is designed to ensure that employees, suppliers and all those with an employment or professional relationship with the company have access to a completely confidential system to report any incident or irregularity involving non-compliance with both internal and external regulations.

We invite you to use this channel as a secure resource to report any situation that you may consider to be irregular or a criminal, serious or very serious administrative or criminal offence, or contrary to European Union law. All reports submitted through this channel will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We encourage you to access intranet.canaldenuncies.com to complete the form, either providing your details or anonymously. Your participation is crucial to help us identify possible irregularities, non-compliance or inappropriate behaviour. At ESPA we value honesty and commitment to our core principles.

We thank you for your collaboration in promoting an ethical and responsible business culture.


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