Resilience, our hallmark

Today ESPA celebrates her birthday! Six decades go a long way…. It's a lifetime!

ESPA's history is like the myth of the phoenix, a long-lived bird that regenerates from the ashes thanks to its resilience. We have faced difficulties and overcome all challenges since Josep Pagès, Joaquim Daranas and the brothers Lluís and Joan Fontfreda founded the company “Talleres ESPA” in 1962, which five years later was renamed Bombas Eléctricas SA. The intention from the first moment was to have a more global vision, so they create a product that responds to multiple pumping needs. Since then, our main purpose is to generate well-being for society through sustainable water management. We have never stopped developing and researching markets and solutions.

In this link you can discover the details of the evolution of our history during these intense 60 years: 

At Espa we have not stopped innovating at any time, opening frontiers to consolidate the twelve active subsidiaries today, offering the market solutions adapted to new technologies, advances in efficiency and sustainability, performance and effectiveness.

Our present, our future

Our offices, the logistics operations center and the main factory are settled next to wonderful Banyoles Lake. Here we live 209 people, of different nationalities and in gender equality. We feel lucky to work with a great team, committed and enthusiastic, solid, dynamic and with a great vision of the future.

At ESPA we are proud of our people, without them we would not have blown out 60 candles. This year, more than ever, we want to pay tribute to our customers, suppliers and workers. We continue!



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