Drought & Swimming pools: Opt for a good filtration and recirculation system

Currently, 47% of the European Union is in a "situation of concern" and 17% in "alert" due to the worst drought the territory has experienced in the last 500 years, according to data published by the European Commission. This means that 64% of the continent is in a warning or alert situation.

In some areas of Spain, exceptional drought measures are being implemented, such as reducing the water supply per inhabitant, not being able to fill a swimming pool completely, not being able to water the garden, washing vehicles only in specialised establishments, and a long etcetera.

The spectre of scarcity has even frightened water-abundant countries, such as Denmark, which has halved its per capita water consumption.

Rising water costs and a commitment to reuse and other efficiency measures have helped make the difference. That is where lies part of the solution. A change of mentality is essential; both when it comes to consuming water and when it comes to choosing the domestic equipment that manages it.


Forget about emptying the pool water at the end of each summer

Let's opt for an efficient filtration and recirculation system, which will keep the water in good condition for years, and at an optimum energy cost. And this last point is not a minor one. A variable speed pool pump can save up to 80% in energy.

Variable speed pool pumps such as the Noxplus or Silenplus pumps will give you peace of mind: they are reliable and durable, ultra-resistant, ultra-quiet and will provide you with huge energy savings compared to a fixed speed pump.

Keep your pool water moving and healthy for years to come thanks to efficient pumping solutions to protect our planet's resources as much as possible.

Piscina perfecta

Enjoy your pool. Be sustainable.

No ESPA, No pool!

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