Sustainable irrigation consists of the rational practice of activities related to agricultural irrigation, with a view to meeting the survival and well-being needs of the present without compromising those of future generations.

According to the United Nations, irrigation represents 70% of the extractions of this resource in the world.

The current situation of agriculture is pushing producers to search for a more efficient use of resources:

- Smart management: development of an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

- Sustainable management: promoting an economy that makes a more efficient use of resources, that is greener and more competitive.

- Inclusive management: fostering an economy with a high level of employment, with social and territorial cohesion.


Among the measures to achieve efficient water use we propose:

- Select the most suitable crop for the characteristics of the soil and the climate, so that irrigation is a complement to rainwater

- Avoid water losses.

- Carry out the irrigation in hours of less evaporation of the water

- Adjust the dose of water and fertilizers to the specific needs of the crop.

- Choose the most efficient and suitable irrigation system to meet the needs of the crop. In this case, drip irrigation consumes much less water than other systems, since it applies the water and fertilizers directly to the root zone, which is where the plant needs it. Thus, we achieve significant savings in water, since it reduces the evaporation of water in the soil and allows the use of more saline waters than surface and sprinkler irrigation systems. Saving energy and also resources, by fully automating the system; by adapting much better than other systems in uneven, rocky and sloping terrain; and by allowing a contribution of nutrients without losses and modifiable at any time

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