We are launching NOXSALT, the special solution for pumping seawater into pools and spas

An effective response to the growing water scarcity we face due to the current drought.

In the midst of this challenge, industrial innovation stands as our fundamental ally in addressing water supply issues.

While short-term solutions exist to mitigate excessive consumption of drinking water, it is essential to explore sustainable alternatives that allow us to enjoy aquatic pleasures both at home and beyond. In this context, several companies have emerged offering the possibility to replace drinking water with seawater in pools and spas, especially at times when restrictions and severe penalties for the use of drinking water are a reality.

In a world where filling pools with fresh water poses a challenge, the key to staying afloat lies in immersing ourselves in innovation. The sustainable solution we propose is the vitalization of seawater to fill pools and spas, providing a conscious, efficient, and sustainable alternative.

With the commitment to stay at the forefront of pool pump manufacturing and provide elite solutions to industry professionals, ESPA Group proudly introduces its new range of pumps, NOXSALT, specifically designed to work with seawater. This advancement not only positions us one step ahead in the industry but also ensures our prominent position in the market.

Seawater has an average salt concentration (NaCl) ranging between 35 and 40 grams per liter, depending on the sea. In saltwater pools, this concentration is in the range of 4 to 6 grams per liter. In addition to salt, the pH of seawater is 8.2, complicating pool maintenance with traditional products.

The NOXSALT pool pump range has been carefully designed to withstand concentrations of 35-40 grams per liter, thanks to incorporated special materials such as Duplex stainless steel, ensuring durability and efficiency.

With NOXSALT, ESPA Group offers a reliable and effective solution to harness seawater sustainably in our pools and spas.



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