Advantages of variable speed pumps in swimming pool filtration systems

What are the main benefits for the end user and installer of variable speed pumps?

Variable speed pumps are mandatory by law in the United States as of 18 July 2021. This type of regulation, which encourages the optimisation of electrical equipment to reduce consumption and help combat climate change, will also be implemented in the EU in the coming years. Are you ready for the change?  Read on if you want to discover all the advantages of variable speed pumps in swimming pool filtration systems.

  • Energy savings: ESPA's variable speed pumps, such as our Silenplus, can offer savings of up to 85% thanks to their high-efficiency motor. It has a frequency variator that optimises operation at any speed, thus achieving maximum savings.
  • Return on investment: Although variable speed pumps have a higher price than traditional pool pumps, we can recover the investment quickly. In these times when electricity is so expensive, a good use of variable speed optimises the installation and exponentially reduces energy consumption. Consult one of our sales technicians, or your nearest official ESPA distributor, who will advise you and help you choose the pump that your pool needs.
  • Optimisation of the installation: Having a variable speed pool pump not only helps to reduce the pool's electricity consumption, but also saves time and effort, optimising all the elements of the installation to the maximum: backwashing, operation of the heat pump, use of the bottom cleaner, pool without bathers, wintering...
  • Ultra-silent: 45dB in filtration plus, like in a library. When the motor works at lower revolutions, the pump noise is considerably reduced and the vibrations generated by the motor disappear. With variable speed, we create ideal sound conditions for relaxation. Especially if the filtration room is located close to the house.
  • Better filtration and better water quality: By reducing the speed of the water passing through the filtration equipment, we improve the quality of the water. With cleaner and healthier water, we reduce the consumption of chemical products and time, resources and effort in carrying out other treatments to maintain the right free chlorine parameters to achieve optimum pool water quality, such as saline chlorination, ultraviolet chlorination, etc...
  • Longer useful life and operation: By working at low speed, the work of the pump at high revolutions is considerably reduced, which results in much less wear and tear on the components and the motor. In this way, we increase the service life of our pump, forget about repair costs and eliminate problems for the professional installer and the end user.


An example of ESPA's vocation for innovation is the Silenplus variable speed pump that adapts the different work cycles to your pool, fulfilling the perfect pool, silence and savings formula.

In addition, the Silenplus pumps incorporate Evopool technology, an App for configuring and managing the work cycles of your pump and adapting them to your pool. The pump is intelligent enough to work autonomously.

Scan the QR code, download the Evopool App, and adapt your pump to your pool from your mobile phone.

Click on this link to choose the Silenplus pump that best suits your pool.

Our ESPA product catalogue also offers other variable speed pumps for other applications, such as our renowned CKE equipment or the Tecnoplus.



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