Water supply in Covid-19 times

Water is the most valuable resource we have on our planet and is the essential for the survival of all the species that live in it. These days, with the appearance of the Covid-19 virus, water is crucial for the prevention of the transmission of the disease (among others), since which is of vital importance to guarantee the hygiene of people and objects of our daily use.

Supply of virus-free drinking water.

We are very lucky to have a supply of drinking water that guarantees us water free of bacteria and infectious diseases, since it has been previously treated in water treatment plants, for this reason…

…you can drink tap water

without worrying about the transmission of the diseases; therefore, you do not have to consume bottled water.

Clean with soap and water.

Water combined with soap is lethal for Covid-19, which is why the importance of washing your hands often with soap and water.

Do regular maintenance to your pool.

Do not do anything different, your pool just needs to be disinfected. You just have to follow the usual maintenance with products and recirculation of water to have a clean and disinfected pool.

Agua y Covid19

Water supply equipment

When using potable water from the public network (previously treated), the equipment and elements of water supply, such as pumps, pressurization equipment, pipes, etc. They have a minimal risk of contamination, in addition to the fact that the human manipulation of these once installed is infrequent.

ESPA pumps and equipment are made of quality materials and during the pandemic period the protection measures for the personnel handling the have been extreme.

However, remember that prevention is the key! While this situation lasts, protect the most exposed areas, disinfect objects frequently manipulated by other people with alcohol and wash your hands often.

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