WATER and ENERGY. The two great drivers of Life on our Planet.

At ESPA we want to celebrate World Water Day by providing some data that we believe are very relevant to understand the current situation of Water and Energy on our Planet.

Day after day we need and use water. We have water 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and just by turning on a tap. Water for drinking, showering, cooking, bathing in our swimming pools, but also water for industry, agriculture...

In many parts of our planet, people are working tirelessly to overcome the main challenges posed by water and climate: the growing demand for water, the consequences of climate change and pollution.

Pumping solutions for cities, industries and buildings.

Cities are expanding all over the world, and as a result, there is a growing need for water. At ESPA we work to provide effective solutions by offering a reliable and efficient supply of clean water, distributing water more efficiently and with fewer leaks, helping to manage wastewater and floods - safeguarding our precious water resources.

Together, with effort and conscience, we ensure clean and safe water for future generations.

Facing the energy challenges of the current economic and climate context, ESPA wants to and can help industries and citizens to use water more efficiently, thus improving the sustainability of their buildings, their businesses and reducing their impact on the environment.

We want to help you treat and reuse water in production and manufacturing, minimising water consumption and reducing your environmental footprint.

As climate change may lead to severe droughts in some places and more intense rainfall and flooding in others, energy reduction is a crucial step we can take together.

The application of efficient pumping solutions in commercial and domestic buildings reduces energy consumption and enables huge energy savings, without compromising our water comfort.In this way, we will not only improve energy efficiency, but also contribute to overcoming the world's biggest environmental problems and substantially reduce global CO² emissions.

It is time to act for the planet, without compromising our water comfort.

Some relevant facts

Water scarcity

Two thirds of the world's population live with a severe lack of water at least one month a year, and some 500 million people at least every day. This is expected to increase by a very large number by 2050.

Water is not recoverable

An average of 30% of the water that is pumped never reaches its destination, the shower or kitchen tap. This is due to losses, leaks and theft. In many cities, water loss is even higher, reaching 60%. 

Water footprint

Through the production and consumption of food and goods such as clothes or household appliances we leave our largest water footprint.

Access to basic water

785 million people live without even the most basic access to water.

Acess to safe drinking water

2.2 billion people live without access to safe drinking water, the majority of whom live in the least developed countries. 


By 2050, 2.5 billion people are expected to live in cities, accounting for 68% of the population. Almost 90% of this increase is expected to take place in Africa and Asia.

Consumer behaviour

Changes in consumer behaviour and consumption patterns are expected to increase water and energy demand by about 40% and 50%, respectively, by 2030.

Buildings account for 40% of all energy consumption in the EU, making them the largest consumer of energy.





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