A boost for practical education



At ESPA, we are committed to the development and training of future professionals in the sector. That is why we are proud to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Narcís Xifra Institute of Girona, a distinguished educational institution committed to excellence in technical and professional training.

As part of this agreement, ESPA has donated several units of our pumps, with the aim of enabling students from the Narcís Xifra Institute's training cycle to carry out their practical exercises and acquire essential hands-on skills for their professional future. This initiative will allow students to work with high-quality equipment and advanced technology, providing them with an enriching and relevant educational experience for their careers.

At ESPA, we understand that education and practical training are fundamental in preparing students for the challenges of the labor market. This agreement not only reinforces our commitment to education but also underscores our dedication to fostering the growth and development of future professionals in the sector.

The Narcís Xifra Institute of Girona is renowned for its focus on practical education and its commitment to excellence. By collaborating with this institution, ESPA significantly contributes to enriching the educational curriculum, ensuring that students receive comprehensive training that combines theory and practice.


We want to express our sincere gratitude to the Narcís Xifra Institute of Girona for their trust and collaboration in this project. We are confident that this alliance will have a positive and lasting impact on student training, better preparing them for their future careers and contributing to the development of highly skilled professionals.

At ESPA, we will continue to seek opportunities to support education and professional development, convinced that these efforts are essential for the progress and success of our industry.

The signing of this agreement represents a significant step in ESPA's commitment to the training of future professionals. Through initiatives like this, we continue to demonstrate our dedication to education, innovation, and the development of talent that will shape the future of our sector.



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