Participation at BforPlanet

ESPA has participated in BforPlanet, one of the main global events for sustainability.


Pere Giribets, director of ESPA has participated in the BforPlanet presentation organized by Fira Barcelona as a commitment to the challenges proposed by the United Nations.

From its beginnings, ESPA maintains a strong commitment in the design of sustainable and eco-efficient products, which has made it a pioneer in the use of recyclable materials and the use of a non-polluting industry. Thanks to alliances with suppliers and customers who are aware of recycling and workers committed to making their work an eco-sustainable place, the company can meet this challenge.

BforPlanet is an event where international business leaders meet to discuss and propose solutions to the great problems of society. With Objective 17, BforPlanet aims to create strategic partnerships to address the sustainable and urgent present and future in all sectors.

Together with the United Nations, public, private and civil sector companies have gathered in this event to help find real solutions to society’s problems.

Pere Giribets in BforPlanet
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