To know which pump I need for my pool, you can choose easily using this useful table.

1. The first thing to know is where the pump will be placed and diameter required. Depending on the head losses in the system (distance to the pump, elbows, etc.), and the geometric height, we will have a pressure (measured in mca or bars). For simplicity, we will divide this pressure into low (3-6 m) (light colored pumps), medium (6-10 m) (medium colored pumps), or high (10-15 m) (bright colored pumps).

2. The next thing is to know how big my pool is. To do this, its surface is calculated and multiplied by the depth, which is estimated to be 1.5 m on average.

3. Once with the volume, we enter the table of the possible pumps that we had previously chosen with the pressure. The volume of my pool has to be less than the value that we take from the table. Bear in mind that the table must be entered directly with the value of the pool volume, since the table has already taken into account the selection of the pump, considering that 50% of the flow that is filtered is "new" flow.

4. Also bear in mind that we can choose depending on the number of hours we want our pump to work. As we always say, the more the merrier, because moving water is healthy water; But of course, we must not lose sight of the consumption in kW for this period, which also appears in the table. Therefore, we must find a balance between the number of hours and the consumption in that period.

5. We proceed to select the pump that best suits us according to the volume of the pool required, and taking into account what we are going to consume.

Et ... voilà!

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