From today, the design of www.espa.com has changed radically and has been replaced by a more useable and friendly web interface that improves the user experience.

The main innovation of the new website is the pump selector tool – baptized as “What pump do I need? Designed to guide the user, without the need of knowing about pumps, in choosing the best ESPA pump according to their needs. Through a few simple questions, the pump selector guides the user to specific products. It is intended to make the choice easier for someone who is not used to the sector that could be difficult and tedious.

In addition, in the www.espa.com portal, the user can find all the information related to ESPA products: product ranges, electrical data, hydraulic curves, frequently asked questions, etc. As well as technical assistance and information from the corporation.  

This new ESPA web design is included in a global communication strategy that aims to approach and to establish a two-way communication with non-professional end user.

As part of this great digital transformation and as a mean of communication with the company’s public, ESPA has opened new profiles on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube in which the content published will be of the interest aimed at all audiences.

The web is the basis of a web portal, from which the specific websites of each subsidiary will be accessed in the near future.


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