ESPA Multi VE 121 6N pumps in Karibao Resort Town, Ecuador

The Karibao Resort Town macro-project, located in Engabao, one hour from Guayaquil, Ecuador, has been equipped with ESPA pumps to guarantee a stable pressure to their homes.


Karibao, acronym for "the Caribbean in Engabao", will be a macro-project, inspired by the concept of a resort town, of 52 hectares that will have a luxury hotel, apartment towers, housing development, restaurants, recreational areas and a crystalline lagoon, which will be the largest in the country.

Thanks to our distributor Easymax, and the Sanitary Installer Hidrosolucion, Multi VE 121 6N pumps have been installed in the first building to maintain constant pressure and flow and thus provide comfort to all its inhabitants.

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