At Can Buch, ecotourism is combined with sustainable technology to offer an unforgettable experience. A place where tranquility and harmony meet the natural environment. Located in a dream area, Can Buch invites you to disconnect from routine and enjoy a true sustainable paradise.

One of the main characteristics of Can Buch is its commitment to the conservation of the environment. To achieve this, two Silenplus variable speed pumps have been installed in the outdoor pool and the hammam in the spa area.

The outdoor pool is an oasis of freshness surrounded by nature. Thanks to the installation of our Silenplus (variable speed pump and self-manageable with the Evopool App), the pool water is kept in optimal conditions while reducing energy consumption, and the system is efficient and adjustable.

During six months of the year, the pump works 12 hours a day, and during the other six months, the time is increased to 24 hours.

But, what makes these variable speed pumps so special? Their technology not only ensures quiet operation, but also contributes to environmental conservation. By manually adapting (with the Evopool App) their operating speed to the actual needs of the pool, these pumps minimize energy consumption.

To design the pool, the functioning of rivers and lakes was studied so that the water is always safe to drink and as natural as possible, a sustainable and ecological approach. Although the pool has a biofilter, composed of plants that keep the water potable, filtered and natural, the combination of Silenplus and a small sand filter ensures that the water flowing through the skimmers arrives even cleaner.

This natural filtration system is highly effective and helps to reduce the dependence on chemicals for water treatment. Plants have a great purification capacity, acting as natural filters. As water passes through the roots and substrate where plants grow, a biological filtration process happens, removing impurities and unwanted nutrients.

By using natural filtration systems, such as the biofilter, the preservation of biodiversity is encouraged and environmental disturbance is minimized. This is beneficial both for the health of the people enjoying the pool and for the surrounding ecosystem.

In the hammam, also known as Turkish bath or oriental sauna, a space for wellness and relaxation, Can Buch takes another step towards sustainability by using bromine to replace conventional chlorine. Instead of using more aggressive chemical products, a more natural and environmentally friendly alternative has been chosen. Bromine, in addition to being effective in disinfecting water, acts as a powerful disinfectant, eliminating bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that may be present in the water. This ensures that you can enjoy a clean and safe environment while relaxing in the hammam.

In this case, the Silenplus in the hammam works 12 hours a day, every day of the year.

Can Buch is much more than a simple tourist accommodation. It is a space where nature and tranquility come together to give you an unforgettable experience and thanks to the installation of Silenplus water pumps, offer great benefits such as energy efficiency, which are manually adjusted and work autonomously according to the actual needs of the pool and hammam, allowing a more efficient use of energy, reducing consumption and associated costs. They also ensure that the water is always in motion and water in motion is healthy, clean and healthy water, besides being silent contributing to the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the place.

Silenplus water pumps are an excellent example of quality. These pumps, produced entirely in Spain with local and nearby suppliers, represent ESPA's commitment to quality and sustainability with more than ten years of experience.

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