Water is a scarce and vital natural resource that we should use and consume sustainably. The best way to do it is using the rainwater because:

  • It is a natural and pure resource
  • It is free, so we will depend less on tap water
  • And we will save on the water bill.

Although the water collected from the rain is unsuitable for drinking or cooking - because any health check has passed - we can use it for many other domestic uses, that means the 50% of the water we consume in our home, for example:

1. For the garden irrigation 

This method is perfect in times of rain shortage that it is necessary to watering the plants.

2. For domestic cleaning

When you clean the floor of your home you can fill the bucket with rainwater or even do the laundry.

3. To clean the car

With the same hose that you water your garden you can clean the car in your own home, saving you the cost of the car wash.

4. For the bathroom cistern.

It is one of the elements that use more water: every time we pull the bathroom cistern, up to6 to 14 liters of water are discharged.

5. For the swimming-pool.

To fill an entire swimming-pool you should have a larger deposit than the swimming-pool, but it can be useful for small fillings.

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