Has a squall with Saharan micro-dust particles, or calima, left your #pool full of dirt?

Below you can find out how to get your pool clean and healthy again, step by step.


The most effective way to clean your pool and restore the transparency of the water is to:

1. TEST THE POOL WATER Check that the chlorine and pH levels are correct.

2. FILTER WASH AND FILTRATION Initial filter wash and leave in filtration for 24 / 48 hours. After this time do a final filter wash.

3. PRECIPITATION OF THE MUD The mud is quite heavy, so after 24 / 48 hours of filtration it usually precipitates to the bottom of the pool without the need to use flocculant. At this point we will notice that the water is clear but the bottom is very dirty with all the mud scattered around.

4. CLEANING THE BOTTOM The mud has very fine particles, so the filter is not able to retain it effectively. If we clean the bottom normally (in filtration) or with a robot pool cleaner, the finest particles will not be retained in the filter and we will see how they return to the pool through the nozzles and cloud the water, so we will be back in the same situation. The best thing to do in these cases is to clean the bottom of the pool but pour the water directly into the drain.

Remember the position of the valves to clean the bottom by pouring the water into the drain:

a) Inlet valves - open only "CLEAN BOTTOM" (same as when cleaning the normal bottom) and close BOTTOM and SKIMMER.

b) Selector valve - Position says EMPTY or DRAIN.

c) Outlet Valves - Open DRAIN (if any) and close DRAIN GASKETS (if any).

Before changing the position of the valves remember to stop the pump and disconnect the salt electrolysis if fitted.

Once the bottom cleaning has been completed, stop the pump, return the valves to the normal filtration position and reconnect the salt electrolysis if fitted.

#Tips to solve it:

Stop the purifier for a few days (if we are in the habit of using it daily).

Do not use any special flocculant type product, it is not necessary, let the dust that is falling into the pool settle by itself and go to the bottom of the pool.

Once it is at the bottom and when you decide to eliminate it or when you are going to start up the pool, do a "spring clean".

Run the cleaner slowly and throw the water that you collect into the street, never into the filter.

Automatic or hydraulic pool cleaners are not allowed, they will make the pool much worse.

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