How to calculate the swimming pool’s volume?

It’s very important to know the swimming pool’s volume, either to choose the most suitable filtration equipment or to apply the exact amount of chemical agents without any risk.

To calculate the volume of the pool in cubic meters (m³) we must consider the shape and the depth of the swimming pool.

If your pool is uneven, firstly you must calculate the average depth with the following calculation:


Average depth (m) = Maximum depth (m) + minimum depth (m) / 2


* We recommend you to always use the “meter” unit

Calculate rectangular swimming pool volume


Length x Width x Average depth = m³

calcular volumen piscina rectangular

Calculate round swimming pool volume


Diameter x Diameter x Average depth x 0.79 = m³


Calcular volumen piscina redonda

Calculate oval swimming pool volume


Maximum length x Maximum width x Average depth x 0.85 = m³

Calcular volumen piscina ovalada

Calculate another shape swimming pool volume


Divide the pool into the shapes it has, calculate the volume for each shape and add all the volumes. For example: the image pool is made up of half a circle and a rectangle.

Piscina irregular

Convert cubic meters (m³) to liters

If you need to know the liters that your pool has, you only have to multiply the m3 by 1,000. And if you do not know the liters but you want to convert them into m3 you must divide the liters by 1,000.

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