How to select your swimming pool filtration equipment?

To keep the water of the swimming pool clean and healthy we must filter it daily, it means that all the water must circulate through the filter at least once a day. Generally, the filtration equipment will be working between 6 or 8 hours per day.

There are two key products to obtain an optimal result in your swimming pool:

- pump,  which is responsible of recirculating the swimming pool water to the filter and returning it filtered to the swimming pool. * If the hydraulic performance of the pump is not enough, it will not be able to recirculate all the water of the pool.

- filter is where all the particles and impurities are removed from the water. The filter must be chosen according to the pump’s hydraulic performance and volume of the swimming pool. If it is dimensioned incorrectly, the filtration will be irregular and as result, the water will have a lower quality.

Filtration equipment selection table

In the following table, you can easily select the pump and filter needed according to the volume of your swimming pool and the daily operational hours of the filtration equipment. We recommend you to follow the next steps:

1. Select the filtration time (daily operating hours of the pump, normally between 6 and 8 hours per day). * It is better more hours of operation because “water in movement is healthy water”.

2. Look at the table for the approximate volume of your pool.

3. Check the suggested pump and filter.

4. Check the pump consumption for the selected operating mode.

Filtration equipment selection table

* These values are calculated considering standard installations. In case the installation is far from the pool and cleaners, heaters or other systems are used, the selection may vary.


In a 45 m³ swimming pool we could choose between two options with the same energy consumption:

- To install a Silen I 100 15 pump with a 550 mm filter operating 6 hours per day

- or to install a Silen I 50 12 pump  with a 450 mm filter operating 8 hours per day.

In this case, our suggestion would be to install a Silen I 50 12 operating 8 hours per day, since with the same consumption it would be able to move more m³ of water and to operate 2 hours more.

Variable Speed Filtration

Variable Speed Filtration

Variable speed pumps, such as the Silenplus allows an efficient filtration since working at low speed can filter longer hours and reduce the electricity consumption.

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