We have seen that using rainwater only brings us benefits. However, what should we consider before using it? Here you have 5 for install a rainwater collection system:

How to collect rainwater?

Take advantage of your house roof through gutters.

You can collect rainwater thanks to the roof surface and some simple gutters.

Lead the water to a tank.

Install a tank to store the water with a filter (to avoid leaves, insects, etc.). The best place to install it is underground, because it doesn’t take up useful space, and avoids the sunlight (so will prevent the proliferation of organic material which could cause bad smell and color change).

Use the water for your domestic uses.

You need a water pump to boost and use the water stored in the tank. Read the "5 uses to take advantage of rainwater".

Choose the best pump for your needs.

ESPA offers a wide range of pumps for this purpose: submersible, self-priming, for larger or smaller flows, etc.

Don't you know what pump you need?

We help you! Click on this link to find out what pump you need.

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