How to keep your swimming pool water clear and clean?

Who can resist a pool with transparent, clean and crystal clear water? These are the 5 essential swimming pool elements in order to keep water clean and clear.

1. Pump: it is the heart of the swimming pool that pumps the water to keep it in constant movement; water is sucked to the filter and it is returned to the swimming pool. Check out our range of swimming pool’s pumps here.

2. Filter: to catch dirt and impurities of the water. In this link you can see the ESPA filters.

3. Chemical products that will allow you to keep the Ph and Chlorine at optimal levels to have disinfected water suitable for the skin and eyes.

4. PH and Chlorine level meter.

5. Dustpans and vacuum cleaners, to remove leaves from the surface and other dirt that may remain on the bottom. Barbus is the ideal robot cleaner for you, check its features here.

Do you have all these elements to keep your swimming pool water clean?

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