After more than 60 years in the industry and surely, you already know us, and most likely you will know most of our pumps and their usefulness, but if you are new, we will update you.

Let us do a review, what is a water pump for? A pump supplies a certain amount of water depending on the application at a specific pressure, allowing it to move. They are used in many sectors such as agriculture, industrial, commercial and of course for domestic / residential / building use.

There are wide varieties of applications that cover various situations such as draining water from a basement, increasing water pressure, emptying and filling swimming pools, extracting water from a well, moving water from one place to another, draining shallow areas that are flooded, water lawns or agricultural areas, among other functions.

At Espa we give solutions to four different types of applications that we classify in different categories: groundwater, supply, recirculation and filtration and lastly evacuation


We explain it to you:



These hydraulic pumps collect, divert or extract water. They are used in surface waters (small ponds, dams, drinking fountains, etc.) or underground. Groundwater, for example, helps places without a water supply network to have access to this resource.

Featured Espa product for groundwater: Acuaria, ES4



ESPA supply pumps allow the mains water to be pressurized. They can be horizontal or vertical pumps as the installation and/or application is required. In addition, depending on their capacities, they can push 150 meters, making them ideal for large buildings.

This type of pump can be combined in many ways, which is why Espa considers pressurization equipment consisting of one, two, three or four electric pumps, controlled by an intelligent management system to supply water according to demand.

Featured Espa product for supply: Prisma/Aspri, Multi, Tecnoplus, CKE


Recirculation and filtration

The Espa pumps for recirculation of water and its filtration are designed to keep the pool clean and the water in motion at all times, facilitating constant water maintenance and avoiding stagnation, in order to enjoy crystal clear water all year round.

You can find our pumps in private, collective and public swimming pools, in balneotherapy or thalassotherapy centres, in gyms and private or public spas. Transform the pool into a space for leisure and sports.

Featured Espa product for recirculation and filtration: Nox, Silen, Silenplus, filtro FKP



As the name suggests, these pumps evacuate, transfer and empty residential water, usually wastewater with solids.

Espa pumps for evacuation are commonly used as drain pumps. Some of its applications could be the emptying of garages or flooded basements, sumps, residential pits, water tanks or transfer of water from tanks and cisterns.

Featured Espa Product for evacuation: Vigila, Drainex, Draincor


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