Keep pool water healthy

Did you know that the water in Spanish swimming pools represents only 1.4% of the water consumed?

Currently, with more and more months of extreme heat, it is essential to keep swimming pools in perfect condition all year round.

Health, sport and wellbeing, swimming pools bring us great benefits. Let's make sure they don't cost us all by following some simple recommendations.

1. DO NOT empty the pool. Use a pool pump and filter to keep your pool in good condition for years to come

2. Use variable speed pool pumps. In a few months you will get a return on your investment. Your pool and your wallet will notice.

3. Take care of the water quality all year round. Automate the control of ph, chlorine and salt levels.

4. Cover the pool whenever you can. You will prevent leaves and dirt from falling in, and prevent evaporation.

5. Make the most of rainwater.



Bomba de piscina, bomba de piscina de velocidad variable

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