Acuapres 07 S
Acuapres 07 S

Multi-stage submersible electric pump with built-in pressure controller, specifically designed for pressurisation in homes supplied from a well or, in particular, from vertical or slightly tilted tanks.

It consists of an Acuaria07 electric pump, a check valve on the delivery and an integrated electronic speed control and regulation system. 

This electronic system protects the electric pump against dry operation caused by the well or tank running low or losing all its water, via a function of up to four automatic, timed attempts to reset. 

The motor is cooled by the delivery water in a double-jacket design that is suitable for decanting water at temperatures from 4 ºC to 35 ºC. It includes the start-up condenser and the thermal protection of the motor. Its system with double mechanical closure and intermediate oil chamber guarantees an optimum seal and effective IP 68 protection. It is presented with 15 metres of H07RNF cable and a 1" H outlet.

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