A new generation of motor casing arrives

We present the new ESPA motor casing, more adapted to new requirements, and which incorporates new technological advances that provide greater cooling, providing better performance. This new model remains faithful to the initial spirit of ESPA, respects the lines that characterize our products so much.


  • Engine fins:

New design and distribution that improves the cooling (temperature dissipation) of the motor, and consequently, its performance.

  • Fan cover:

Redesign of the coupling of the fan cover with the motor for better aesthetics, support, protection and handling.

  • Take ground:

Relocation of the ground to facilitate the cooling of the motor.

  • Grounding hole:

Redesign of the motor foot to eliminate heat pockets, facilitate the anchoring of the pump and facilitate the disassembly of the hydraulic part.
Reinforcement at the base to avoid breaks or cracks in the event of strong shocks and vibrations.

  • Connections Box:

Creation of a vertical cavity to redirect air around the case and improve heat dissipation.

  • Motor:

Increased thickness of the back of the case, from 2.5 to 3.5mm, to increase its resistance.


This work has been led by the Spanish R&D department, together with the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). The ⌀90 model will begin production in March, while the ⌀110 and 125 engines in summer will already be marketed.

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